Play Together

Sydney's World is meant to be played together with a parent, other relative, or advanced peer to help guide them through the more challenging reading, battles, and puzzle areas.


Your Child's First Role Playing Game

"Sydney's World is a fantastic introduction to the RPG genre. The game starts off fairly easy and increases in difficulty the further you get into the game. The story is full of moral lessons, educational content, and engaging characters."

--Girl Gamers

Educational Game Features


As an educator, I designed Sydney's World and The Majesti to be digital interactive graphic novels to help children  improve literacy skills. As a father, I designed the game to subtly teach the importance of good decision making, while immersing children on fun quests in new worlds. As a gamer, I designed them to be JRPG's that adults could enjoy as well.


An interactive and interesting story will have children improving literacy skills without even realizing they are learning. Click the "Reading" tab above to learn more.


Cognitive Skills

Getting to each new area of the game requires problem-solving, exploration, strategy, following directions, and searching carefully.


Decision Making

At key junctures in the game, your child will need to make important decisions that allow the adventure to continue.


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